Support for others

I follow a lot of people on instagram and have my own insta account ( ) but there are some people whom I follow who I call my hair loss sisters. These are women with stories like mine, tales of their life and their hair loss.

One lovely lady you should follow and support is Jo. You can read all about Jo’s story here:

Jos YouTube Story


Please do have a read and find us both on instagram and follow for updates and support.

In other news  –

I’ve been a bit slow on this blog for sometime mainly because I’m so busy with work. My hair is still growing and although I have break downs still thinking it’s falling out again and those days it truly feels like it is, I’m am so grateful for the hair I do have. I only ever started this blog and my instagram to help others by sharing my experiences and what works to boost growth and what doesn’t. Just lately with instagram algorithms etc it’s making it hard to be seen unless you post daily. So I just wanted to say I’m still here for everyone and even though quiet and not posting much I’m always available for advice etc. I won’t be posting pics as much but I’m always watching others growth or pains so I’m here as a virtual shoulder to cry on.
Thanks all, Michelle xx


Quick update

img_8913-1Hey guys, I’ve been a bit useless posting here since September – mainly because I went back to work and what started part time went all out and into full time before I knew it!

So I took a bit of time out of treating my hair and just continued with the laser light therapy and the liquid steroid solution for my head.

I have to say ladies and gentlemen my hair is great. Don’t get me wrong … I’m no Rapunzel and of you lift the back of my hair those pesky bald spots are lurking but I have hair and I have a style for now.

It’s grown nicely, but the patches on the back are taking F O R E V E R….!

At one point I thought it was falling out again and I’m still not completely satisfied it isn’t really. It’s very itchy again and that means fall out or grow back!

I’ll be updating my blog a bit more regularly now I’m settled at work and life again! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram too for lots of piccies 🙂

Happy hair days folks, xx

Boost and blend hair fibre review

Hi all so today I decided to give boost and blend hair fibres a go. I’ve attached a video of popping them into my hairline below.

I didn’t fancy wearing a wig today and these fibres are fabulous for adding volume and cover up to thinning bald patches etc.

I really recommend trying hair fibres if you have hair like mine. They do work, they cover the area, increases thickness of hair, do not come out and certainly do not colour your clothes or hands if you touch them after like some sprays do.

I really like them for non wig days, at least if the wind blows I won’t have a bald patch exposed as the fibres cover them nicely 🙂

Watch my video to show how well they cover those pesky thinning areas.

Going back to work! 😬

So I decided I can’t be off work forever and as this hair loss shows no sign of going away fast… I need to embrace this as my life and just get on with it.

I am making some changes to my life though, I’ve decided that I try to do too much.

Before my Illness I was a photographer, a business coach, a director, an entrepreneur.

I’m forever making up new businesses and doing nothing with them.

I’m a creator for sure but my follow through is pretty ridiculous ! I’m the type of lady that thinks of a business idea, builds a website, Instagram, Facebook etc and then does nothing but posts the odd spam type social media post.

No business, just another hair brain idea of mine.

Anyway people make this a laughing matter so I decided to stop it. So I’m going back to being the director I once was. No other work, no photography other than hobby stuff, no new business ideas, closing everything else down to focus on the one business that I do have, that actually has an income stream (lol) and to aim to do that better.

I also want to focus on being a mum at the weekend not a mum sat in front of a Mac editing photos or reading emails. I’ve wasted the last few years trying to be everything and in fact it’s getting me nowhere, but stressed out, lonely and without hair.

I used to model too – that clearly stopped when I lost my hair – I don’t think it’s for me, I should have focussed on it more when I was younger but actually I’m not cut out for the modelling world really so that’s something I don’t think I’ll go back to even if my hair did grow back.

Being off sick has opened my eyes to what life could be, having time to see my family and friends, not worrying about building an empire.

So hopefully this new me and my new goals in life will streamline me and give me back some social time (ie not feeling ill social time).

Who knows I may even get my hair back… but I’m not counting on it. 💁🏼‍♀️

Here’s how I currently stand with the hair! All my once long blonde locks gone, now I have patchy brown fuzzy hair 🙂 but hey it’s hair, so I’ll be happy with that.


I had a dermatology appointment today. I love my Dermatologist, he’s a really nice guy and very compassionate about my hair loss. I’ve seen others who were total assholes.

We discussed what I can try next today. The medical treatments tried are;

Methotrexate – evil drug made me feel like I was dying, it is a chemotherapy drug and I wouldn’t advise taken this. 6/10 people do get regrowth, I would advise of you try it to literally half the dose you are given to make sure you can stomach it. I think it did work for me on the lowest dose but as soon as you stop it – the hair says bye bye again.

Steroid’s: always seem to work, make me feel amazing but watch out if I miss a dose because I’m an evil basterd! I got total roid rage when I come off that, so great when on it, hair did grow, but wow got to be careful coming off it. Sadly this can’t be taken forever otherwise I would do as I felt well every day. It was like my body recovered from everything, tiredness, aches, hair loss, I felt amazing.

Side effects though – major water retention in limbs… I become a blubbery mess. My face mooned… yes it went round and although took ten years off me I can tell you having a round squishy face feels and looks weird.

I had to have weeks of body massages to reduce the fluid in my lymphatic system. It looked like the worst cellulite you’ve ever seen.

Moon face and blubbery legs did go down after about 2-3 months from stopping the treatment.

So what’s next other than all my natural remedies and iron replacements? Apparently something called ciclosporin. Another immune suppressant drug that they give to body organ transplant people normally to prevent rejection.

I’ve got 3 months of this new drug so I’ll let you know how that goes soon 🙂

Hot head!

Wow it’s bloody hot isn’t it? I need a pool and a iced coke in this weather, yet instead I’m moving house and moving offices and spending my days in a sweaty room unpacking! 😩😩😩

I have ventured into the sun only to retreat quickly, you can’t do 30degrees in a wig… it’s like wearing a wolly hat lol.

Although I have started to wear my short wig more from Mandeville of London. Their wigs are hand knotted on a fine mesh so very similar to just having a full head of hair. Have a look :

I managed two days in London in this wig last weekend. It was hot, I was sweaty and yet my head didn’t sweat as it would in one of my cheaper wigs, which is nice.

Good luck in the heat ladies… I’m so feeling your pain xx