Hair wash day

Woke up with another shitty cold/flu bug today… joy! But I was helping my sister at the hairdressers ( who is also one of my best buddies) with her little Oscar dude, ( my awesome nephew) and so I dragged my butt out of bed – literally at 11.45am and was at my sisters at 12.15pm! Looking like the walking dead and sporting a woolly hat… no time for the wig application today and it’s cold, so perfect excuse!

I took along my Mandeville Wig today as it smelt a bit smoky from NYE.

Gave the little minx a wash in Lizzies hairdressing sink and Liz ( that’s my bestie and the hairdresser by the way) treated it to an Olaplex treatment. No idea what it does but it has left my real hair wig feeling amazing! I could actually get a comb through it…. impressive!

Rest of the night I sat at home editing my sisters newborn photos, im so rock and roll. I’ll dry and style the wig tomorrow… I’ll report how that goes!


Hey there, I am a 42 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful city of Hereford. I run and own 3 photography businesses and I’m a keen photographer of all the worlds beauty! I also run and own a financial services business. As well as those above I also write for magazines and model for various clients. I’ve had alopecia now for 3 years and believe me I’ve tried everything! Stay tuned to follow my story and my review of things that help and things that don’t!

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