Moaning Monday

I got up today to wait for a lady who was collecting an item she’d purchased from me… feeling ill with this so called aussi flu I limped to the settee where I crashed with my wooly hat for cover up! 9.30am came and went and the flaming woman didn’t! Angered me!

So I sat and chilled with my cat feeling sad, lonely and cold with my silly hat to cover my balding head!

And that was pretty much my day… no visitors only a FaceTime from Jonnie and one from mimi; ( they did cheer me up) Liz invited me for a swim but I just couldn’t face going out feeling so ill.

Typically the day passed slowly and boring and after 6pm I got the work bug and felt the need to clear out my home desk and look at some emails! 11.30pm later and I’m climbing into bed! My time mgt is shit.

I did start on my 2018 yearly planner though and my achievements for the year, I recalled that my hair did start to grow back a little, right back in dec/jan 2017, which is good, maybe next jan I’ll have a full head?

However, This is Day 3 of no steroids and the skin on my head is hurting – the hair has started coming out already!? Coincidence?

Top of my head, it’s what the birds see!


Hey there, I am a 42 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful city of Hereford. I run and own 3 photography businesses and I’m a keen photographer of all the worlds beauty! I also run and own a financial services business. As well as those above I also write for magazines and model for various clients. I’ve had alopecia now for 3 years and believe me I’ve tried everything! Stay tuned to follow my story and my review of things that help and things that don’t!

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