Rosemary Oil?

Treatment time… so as you may know I’ve tried a Number of things to stimulate ones lazy,  sleeping hair follicles, heavy metal music did not work sadly.

I read that rosemary oil is good, so I reached for the 7 star hammer (available from any acupuncturist ) and dabbed my head with rosemary and rose hip oil then hammered the hell out of it! Bloody painful to do and made me bleed in tiny dots but maybe it’s going to work? I did this quite a lot last year on the back of my head and I do have hair there now? Coincidence? Who knows. But worth a try.

What is a seven star hammer;-

A seven star hammer has 7 dermal needles on a small hasn’t head which once tapped into the skin quickly, is used to stimulate areas of the skin. The huge cost of hair loss treatment and the extent of the drastic surgical procedures required are well documented by the media as celebrities reportedly pay thousands for hair transplants and shed blood from their scalps during surgical operations. However, this Seven Star tool provides a more natural alternative for those troubled by hair loss. Use the little dermal needles to massage the skin and stimulate blood flow to the affected area, e.g. the scalp. This versatile, effective and easy-to-use tool should be an essential part of any hair loss treatment.

you can buy them from acupuncturists or websites like this one :-


Hey there, I am a 42 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful city of Hereford. I run and own 3 photography businesses and I’m a keen photographer of all the worlds beauty! I also run and own a financial services business. As well as those above I also write for magazines and model for various clients. I’ve had alopecia now for 3 years and believe me I’ve tried everything! Stay tuned to follow my story and my review of things that help and things that don’t!

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