Feeling fed up… again

I have days where I don’t think about my hair, I get up, I take my daughter to school (usually after a row) I tidy, I cook, I sleep… all to be repeated again the next day. Then there are days like today. I’ve had an anger brewing in me for two days, I’m snappy, I’m itchy (stress and gluten makes me itchy) and I’m tired and miserable! It’s these days I look at my hair and just want to shout a big F U to my body and what it’s doing to me.

So today was one of those days. I’ve been itching all night, having a sensation you are being crawled over by bugs is not pleasant… I’ve clearly eaten something my body disagrees with today! My face and nose lining itch like I’m some sort of crazed drug whore … I take two piriton and it still doesn’t die down… making me madder .

Then I come to bed .. hang up my hair and put on my infra red light, wondering if I’ll sleep just so the feelings, pain, itching will go away.

Then I lie here and dream of having hair, just a full head of hair, I only want an inch all over, just so I can ditch the wig, feel human again.

But if I tell people how I feel I have a feeling I’m boring them, heard it all before, just another day I’m still alive and not dying etc etc… or I’m told “don’t worry you have a nice face”… it’s so lovely to get compliments but they feel so unidentifiable when you have little or no hair.

our hair shows our character, our personality, without it those things are taken from us… along with our identity 😦


Hey there, I am a 42 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful city of Hereford. I run and own 3 photography businesses and I’m a keen photographer of all the worlds beauty! I also run and own a financial services business. As well as those above I also write for magazines and model for various clients. I’ve had alopecia now for 3 years and believe me I’ve tried everything! Stay tuned to follow my story and my review of things that help and things that don’t!

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