What more can I do?

I’ve had Alopecia for 3 years, I’ve lost all the back then that grew back then the top went and that’s got patchy regrowth.

I eat organic, I cut gluten and diary, I use paraben free goods – so that eliminates toxins.

I take iron, zinc, l- tyrosine, vit b12, ashwangda, sea kelp, brown seaweed, co enzyme 10, turmeric, vit d, omega 3 , all natural sourced vitamins.

I use a low level light helmet.

I massage my head.

I drink water.

I have Accupuncture.

I excercise.

I’m not overweight.

I use minoxidil daily.

I use topical steroid lotions.

So why now does the regrowth at the back start to all fall out again?

I can’t do anything more surely?

Why won’t it go away??


Hey there, I am a 43 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful rustic charms of Rutland. I lost my hair over the course of 3 years! Following my wedding party for my 1st wedding anniversary and a series of bad news my hair started to fall out in patches. Slowly but surely all my hair fell out. Devasted I've tried everything to get it to grow back. This is my diary of my hair loss journey .... www.hairlossdiaires.blog

2 thoughts on “What more can I do?

  1. Hi Chelley, I totally understand your struggles. After 21 years with AA/AT/AU and working with a holistic doctor for 15 months, I have even less hair than I did when I started with him (bye, bye, eyebrows, nice knowing you!). It’s frustrating, I know. I think even he’s starting to have some doubts. But, I just saw him again this week, he has a new theory so we’re going to give one more thing a try (see my most recent post at http://www.howdysunshine.com for basic info on it, and I’ll add more as it progresses). It’s hard when we do everything as we should and our hair keeps leaving us, while everyone else is still having fun and not losing their hair, self-esteem and minds! Stay tuned, though, because if my bodily experiments help anyone else, it’ll all be well worth it. Best to you, you’re more beautiful than you know and much more than the sum of your hairs!

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