Holiday hair

This week I am in Punta Cana soaking up some sun.

Holidays and pool time always scare me. I have hair yes but it’s patchy balding hair and everyone would look at me most odd if I got my real hair out! (Yeah that’s just not happening)

So up till now I have worn hats and headscarf’s but I watch the girls with long hair or just any hair, I admire their hair as it flows in the water behind them, I feel sad I have no hair anymore to do that with. My hair did that before, it was super long and blonde and healthy. I loved my real hair. I miss my real hair.

Anyway enough tears… so I thought to myself I can’t wear my expensive wigs in the pool in case it ruins them. What if I buy a cheap synthetic piece. I can get it wet and wear it in the pool and then wear my real hair wig at night.

So that’s what I did. I bought the Hudson beach hair wig by Rene of Paris for the day and wore it with a hat somedays or just tied up a little on others.

It worked well. I finally had hair on holiday, I felt feminine again, it’s so important to feel feminine. I don’t want to feel pretty, I can’t feel that because of how I see myself every morning, but I just want to feel feminine again.

The only downside to this is that I was so very hot, I used a wig grip to keep the hair on tight (they really do work) but that made me hot too.

So I’d get in the pool and stand under the shower to cool it down, some may not be able to bear that heat on their head but I preserved just to feel feminine on holiday again.


Hey there, I am a 42 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful city of Hereford. I run and own 3 photography businesses and I’m a keen photographer of all the worlds beauty! I also run and own a financial services business. As well as those above I also write for magazines and model for various clients. I’ve had alopecia now for 3 years and believe me I’ve tried everything! Stay tuned to follow my story and my review of things that help and things that don’t!

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