Any old iron?

Sunday I ventured into hospital for an iron transfusion.

My iron levels (well ferritin) have been particular low for the last few years, I’ve suffered with anaemia on and off following an ectopic pregnancy and never really recovered from it.

Having researched personally that my iron levels have a direct impact on my skin, hair and nails I have always taken an iron supplement. But sadly this doesn’t always increase the levels as much as I need.

I had to ask my dermatologist if he thought an infusion would help – he looked at my blood results over the years, agreed and said it would be very beneficial and booked me in. Till this day I wouldn’t have had it if I hadn’t have suggested it… who’s the doctor here?

The transfusion was administered via an IV into my arm, same place blood is drawn for a blood test.

The infusion took one hour in total. I had 500mg of iron.

I’ve been told it takes 1-3 weeks to be absorbed so I’ll keep you posted how that goes.

I was totally fine on the day I had it done , the next day I had a tummy ache and was very sleepy. Today I’ve felt a little nauseous but not too bad. I’ll let you know on any changes going forward! 🙂


Hey there, I am a 43 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful rustic charms of Rutland. I lost my hair over the course of 3 years! Following my wedding party for my 1st wedding anniversary and a series of bad news my hair started to fall out in patches. Slowly but surely all my hair fell out. Devasted I've tried everything to get it to grow back. This is my diary of my hair loss journey ....

3 thoughts on “Any old iron?

    1. Hi it makes a huge difference – you need a new doctor!! Since th infusion my hair is growing and stopped failing out 🙂


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