Support for others

I follow a lot of people on instagram and have my own insta account ( ) but there are some people whom I follow who I call my hair loss sisters. These are women with stories like mine, tales of their life and their hair loss.

One lovely lady you should follow and support is Jo. You can read all about Jo’s story here:

Jos YouTube Story


Please do have a read and find us both on instagram and follow for updates and support.

In other news  –

I’ve been a bit slow on this blog for sometime mainly because I’m so busy with work. My hair is still growing and although I have break downs still thinking it’s falling out again and those days it truly feels like it is, I’m am so grateful for the hair I do have. I only ever started this blog and my instagram to help others by sharing my experiences and what works to boost growth and what doesn’t. Just lately with instagram algorithms etc it’s making it hard to be seen unless you post daily. So I just wanted to say I’m still here for everyone and even though quiet and not posting much I’m always available for advice etc. I won’t be posting pics as much but I’m always watching others growth or pains so I’m here as a virtual shoulder to cry on.
Thanks all, Michelle xx



Hey there, I am a 43 year old mum of 3. I am married to a great guy and live in the beautiful rustic charms of Rutland. I lost my hair over the course of 3 years! Following my wedding party for my 1st wedding anniversary and a series of bad news my hair started to fall out in patches. Slowly but surely all my hair fell out. Devasted I've tried everything to get it to grow back. This is my diary of my hair loss journey ....

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